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The European Control Association (EUCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes initiatives for scientific exchange, information dissemination, research networks and technology transfer in the field of Systems and Control within Europe.

Presently, EUCA’s main initiatives are:

Statement from the EUCA Council regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine:

Dear EUCA Colleagues and Friends, 

The European Control Association aims to provide a framework for open collaboration between those working in automatic control and to promote the free exchange of ideas and people. Because of recent events in Europe, we are deeply concerned about the developments and for the health of many of our colleagues. We want to make this statement to show our strongest support to the Ukrainian people and everyone else who finds themselves refugees because of the conflict. 

The EUCA Council:
M. Elena Valcher
Karl H. Johansson
Christophe Prieur
Thomas Parisini
Antonella Ferrara
Jakob Stoustrup
Maria Prandini
Denis Dochain
Emma Tegling
Florian Dörfler