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European Control Conferences

The European Control Conferences (ECC) aim to bring together academic and industrial professionals in the field of systems and control, and to promote scientific cooperation and exchanges within the European Union and between Europe and other parts of the World.

The conferences are usually held in Europe for three days every July.

Upcoming ECC Conferences
ECC 2022
London, England
11-14 July 2022
Rotterdam, Netherlands
29 June - 2 July 2021

Past ECC Conferences

St. Petersburg, Russia
Proceedings TBA
Naples, Italy
Proceedings TBA
Limassol, Cyprus
Proceedings TBA
Aalborg, Denmark
Linz, Austria
Strasbourg, France
Zurich, Switzerland
Orlando, Florida, USA
*held in conjunction with IEEE CDC
Budapest, Hungary
Kos, Greece
Seville, Spain
*held in conjunction with IEEE CDC
ECC 2003
Cambridge, UK
ECC 2001
Porto, Portugal
ECC 1999
Karlsruhe, Germany
ECC 1997
Brussels, Belgium
ECC 1995
Rome, Italy
Proceedings Vol. 1 (pp 1-826)
Proceedings Vol. 2 (pp 827-1644)
Proceedings Vol. 3a (pp 1645-2170)
Proceedings Vol. 3b (pp 2171-2820)
Proceedings Vol. 4a (pp 2821-3312)
Proceedings Vol. 4b (pp 3313-2942)
ECC 1993
Groningen, Netherlands
Proceedings Vol. 1 (pp 1-357)
Proceedings Vol. 2 (pp 358-1165)
Proceedings Vol. 3 (pp 1166-1813)
Proceedings Vol. 4 (pp 1814-2388)
ECC 1991
Grenoble, France
Proceedings Vol. 1 (pp 1-802)
Proceedings Vol. 2 (pp 1001-1979)
Proceedings Vol. 3 (pp 2001-2604)