In 1990, members of the Systems and Control community from across the European Union decided to set up an organization, named the European Union Control Association (EUCA), with the main goal of promoting initiatives that enhance scientific exchange, disseminate information, and coordinate research networks and technology transfer in the field of Systems and Control within the Union.

EUCA launched its first major initiative in 1991 with a series of wide-spectrum conferences called the European Control Conferences (ECC). The goal of these conferences was to promote the science and technology of control in the broadest sense – whether in engineering, physical, biological, social or economic, and in both theory and application. The first ECC was held in Grenoble in 1991, under the chairmanship of Professor Ioan Landau, and was attended by about 650 people. The ECC was subsequently held every two years until 2011. From 2013 onward, it will be held annually. Visit the ECC page for a complete list of past and upcoming conferences.

EUCA’s second major initiative came in 1995 with the launch of the European Journal of Control, a scientific journal that would serve as EUCA’s main channel for disseminating important contributions to the field of Systems and Control. The first issue of the journal appeared in September of that year under the editorial direction of Professor Landau. Its current editor-in-chief is Professor Alessandro Astolfi.

In 2012 the association was re-formed as the European Control Association (EUCA) to reflect the growing scope of the organization.

FranceC. Canudas-de-Wit2013-2015
SwitzerlandM. Morari2011-2013
HungaryL. Keviczky2009-2011
GreeceS. Tzafestas2007-2009
SpainE.F. Camacho2005-2007
United KingdomJ.M Maciejowski2003-2005
PortugalJ.L. Martins de Carvalho2001-2003
GermanyP.M. Frank1999-2001

M. Gevers

1997- 1999
ItalyA. Isidori1995-1997
NetherlandsJ.C. Willems1993-1995
FranceI.D. Landau1991-1993
EUCA Presidents

Past Chairmen of the European Control Conferences at the 20th Anniversary Luncheon, Orlando, Florida, December 2011. Front row (left to right): J. Willems (ECC 93), J. Maciejowski (ECC 03), L. Keviczky (ECC 09), I. Landau (ECC 91), M. Morari (ECC 13), A. Isidori (ECC 95), M. Gevers (ECC 97). Back row (left to right): E. Chong (CDC-ECC 11), E. Camacho (CDC-ECC 05), S. Bittani (EJCON Editor in Chief).